Millenium War Aigis

Millenium War Aigis


A full-scale tower defense RPG with unlockable Hentai events! You are The Prince, last defender of a Kingdom overrun by demons and brigands. Gather companions, train them, and lead your forces to recapture the lost lands. Companions require more than just orders to succeed. Build their trust and loyalty to unlock new powers and banish your demonic enemies forever.


Aigis Aigis Aigis Aigis Aigis


For all Tower Defense maniacs, you will be more than satisfied to play this game! This is the most sexy tower defense you will ever play! You will have access to a huge quantity of troops, maps, strategies and…. girls… All horny and wet that will be glad to make you happy when you manage to destroy the hordes of monsters and ennemies! Upgrade your troops, upgrade your girls, unleash powerful spells, receive powerful items, please the girls and they will please you! This would be a perfect Tower Defense game if only it would be mobile friendly… Who knows, maybe soon… But for now it’s a 4.5/5 !